Your feet will be measured. The dimensions of your feet provide the shape of your personal moulds. The lasts are a copy of your feet and made to measure by hand. A simple leather shoe is made in order to check the fit. The design is incorporated herein, giving you an idea of your custom made shoes. During the fitting we will look at the fit together. Finally small corrections to the mould will be made.

Influenced by craftwear we distill and refine our designs into a timeless and ongoing Atelier Collection. We work with the best and purest materials that respect people and planet. Our collection is made with Veg tanned leather which uses natural tannings and remains the closest to the conditions of nature.

In our store you will find our collection. If you decide to order a bespoke shoe, we will take your order and the production will start. The pick up time will varies between 3-4 months, depending on our material stock.

Please stop by and learn more about our bespoke shoes.

The Atelier Collection
Tools workshop Rosanne Bergsma

1st step

Get in touch

We kindly ask you to make an appointment. By using the contact form below or send an email to

2st step

Design and details

At your appointment we will provide our expert advice to help you choose the shoe design and details that will best suit you.

3rd step


During the appointment we will gain a thorough understanding of your foot by taking of your measurements to document your foot’s characteristics.

Bespoke lasts Arnhem Studio Rosanne Bergsma

4th step

Last making

From the information taken during your appointment, we make a personalized wooden last based upon your measurements and style preferences that will be used to make your shoe.

5th step

Trial Fitting

At the trial fitting, the fitting of the shoes, along with the shoe’s proportions, toe shape, and design elements will be checked and then discussed together.

shoe workshop Arnhem Studio Rosanne Bergsma

6th step

Last Adjustments

The trial fitting shoe is put back onto the last and adjustments are made at the indicated areas according to the information gained from the trial fitting.

making shoes in Arnhem Studio Rosanne Bergsma

7th step

Final Shoemaking

The final shoe is now ready to be made. A new pattern is prepared, a new upper is made, and the shoe is built by attaching the sole and heel.

8th step

Ready for pick-up or delivery

After 3-4 months from the start the shoe will be ready for pick-up or delivery.