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Sandalen met verstelbare bandjes


A handmade and comfortable sandal with a anatomically shaped footbed. Create the perfect fit with the adjustable straps. Pull them on and they will adjust to the width of your foot. These sandals comes with a high quality and completely natural LACTAE HEVEA® sole. Available in black and white leather, without or with a buckle.

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The sole
The completely natural LACTAE HEVEA® sole is made out of the precious and exceptional product of the hevea tree: its milk. The hevea milk harvested at the heart of tropical plantations which are regularly maintained and constantly renewed. No natural forest is cut down. After 25 years of exploitation, the old tree is felled and a new tree is planted. The end product of an environmentally-friendly, artisanal process carried out entirely by hand by the craftsmen of a human-sized company, the LACTAE HEVEA® sole is in keeping with a sustainable development approach. The LACTAE HEVEA® sole is a living product which is enhanced over time. Its quality and natural material is a hallmark of each model and thereby renders it unique. Slight visual imperfections resulting from the natural origin of the sole, are proof of its authenticity.

Care advice
Leather: I recommend to apply a thin layer of beeswax before first use. It will protect your sandals from water and stains.
Sole: A light white coat may appear on the sole. This phenomenon of blooming can be treated by rubbing it with a cloth moistened with lemon juice or white vinegar or by brushing it with a silicone-based water solution.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 350-450 g

36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43


Excess leather and a completely natural LACTAE HEVEA® sole.


Black. (Also available in white).

Delivery time

1 – 2 weeks